SEMARK, through our web page, is intended to capture our company’s ideals, which is to get the best performance for our customer investments, through our quality and productivity of our products.

In industrial area, we act as a consultant in planning and development of your projects, in order to optimize any production process.  We have the ability to create new and better offers based in what we learned and experienced, listening and understanding our customer’s needs.

From Industrial sewing or the simplest printing, to high production equipments like industrial printers, going through consumables for diverse printing lines, and a wide range products which let us give a global solution..
In order to guarantee the best quality, we work with the best brands and manufacturers, with a well known name throughout the world.

We have a great staff of professionals and technicians, to resolve any anomaly or unexpected situation which might be shown.  Our equipments and production lines will make you feel backed up for a company which have customers as the most important asset because quality is not a matter of sales.